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What’s the purpose of a charger plate?

The charger plates are for decoration, so food is not to be served directly on a charger.The charger plates are large decorative plates that sit beneath the course plates.They create a background for the meal.They really make a table pretty!

Do charger plates add to a table setting?

Yes.the charger plate adds to a table setting.

Do you keep charger plates on the table for all courses?

Some remove them when the main course arrives, but it’s up to you. Usually they should be removed (down to the placemats or table cloth) when dessert is served.

What is charger plates?

What Is The Decorative Charger Plate?

Why does one use a charger plate?

Why Should We Use a Charger Plate?

When the charger plate is used?

How Do We Choose the Gold Charger plates?

How to Use Charger Plates?


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