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    magnetic  sand timer  
magnetic sand timer
Patten: magnetic sand timer
Name:   magnetic hourglass sand timer


The Magnetic Hourglass Sand Timer is a perfect desktop curio.

Magnetic hourglass sand timer complete with a brass metal stand. Perfect for displaying on your shelves or just impressing your friends!

Create awesome magnetic sand sculptures with the Reversible Magnetic Sand Timer - a different sculpture every time!

The Magnetic Sand Timer is an elegant, impressive accessory for your desk. This hourglass itself is freestanding.

A magnet in the wood base interacts with the ferrous sand to produce mesmerizing, temporary stalagmites in the lower chamber of the glass.

The magnetic sand timer hourglass are the great gift to express your care, love or frendship for your family and friends. This magnetic sand timer hourglass is great for a birthday gift, kids toy, children's gift, Valentines Gift, souvenir etc. An elegant, impressive accessory for your desk and a nice executive gift for the office.

This desktop toy is a classic glass sand timer with a magnetic twist by using iron filaments and a base with a magnet for a mesmerizing effect. This is a great novelty item for your office and will attract your coworker's attention! Use your imagination and create different mini sculptures with this toy: as it pulls the filaments down you can twist and turn the timer for a variety of unique formations! This is a novelty timer and times out at approximately 40 seconds and measures approximately 5 inches tall. A great kinetic gift for kids or adults!

Magnetic sand timer hourglass may be reused indefinitely by inverting the bulbs once the upper bulb is empty.

Mentally blocked at work? Flip over the Magnetic Sand Timer and enjoy the show! Hopefully,it'll help spark that next big idea. Or at least give you something to watch instead of whatever frivolous "work" you've been tasked.

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