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Shanxi Liberty Industrial Co.,Ltd. a professional sand timer manufacturer and wholesaler.and we produce sand timer,sand timer hourglass,hourglass sand timer,wood sand timer,metal sand timer,glass vase,wine decanter.we wholesale sand timer all over the world.

We has capability to manufacture customized colors as per request. What’s more, our developer can help make your idea become real products via drawings and original samples, whatever sand timer, glass vase, or wine decanter,wine glasses,storm glasses, etc.

We are a professional and leading supplier in sand timer. We have various designs, colors and finishes, and wholesale sand timer all over the world.

Trust in Profession,as a reliable sand timer manufacturer and wholesaler,please contact us if you need sand timer.

With competitive price, good quality, timely delivery and continual new product development, our company has managed to earn a leading position and good reputation on the global market in the past few years.

Our glassware have exported to all over the world.

Our confidence lies in superior quality goods, excellent services as well as competitive prices. We always aim at providing best services for the customers and expanding business to the rest of world.

Our final goal is to add more profits for our customers and cooperate with them pleasantly.

We will always be at your service, warmly welcoming your enquiries and valuable proposals!

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FAX: 0086-351-3831162
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